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Practical Matters

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All sessions are 60 minutes. Prior to each appointment, a link to the virtual session (through our 'Jane' video platform) will be sent to your email.



Hourly fees vary by therapist:

Shirley:  $175/hour

Irene:  $160/hour

Hiral:  $145/hour

Sydney: $145/hour


* If you have financial issues and cannot afford our regular fees, a certain amount of sliding-fee spots are available.  If this applies to you, please discuss this at your first contact with our clinic.



Payments are due at the end of each session, and are paid by credit card through your 'Jane' account.


If you have coverage for your therapy sessions, a receipt will be issued to you after each payment to submit to your insurance provider.  If you don't have insurance coverage, one receipt listing your yearly fee-total will be issued at year's end for income tax.

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